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Strategy Innovation Firms and The Pursuit of the Cutting-Edge

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Out With the Old, In With the New


Management consultant and author Peter Drucker once said: "If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”


Given that most companies hold innovation in high regard, Drucker’s maxim likely strikes a chord among employees and executives alike. After all, innovation signals growth, market distinction, and success. What better way to spur superior business performance than by innovating?

For most individuals, it’s tempting to think of important breakthroughs as stemming from product launches and attractive marketing campaigns alone.


Unfortunately, the latter sometimes fail to achieve the kind of innovation that is sustainable. That is to say, these launches and campaigns are often more about products than processes.


Instead, long-lasting breakthroughs stem from the considerable expertise that strategy innovation firms bring to the table


In an increasingly ambitious business climate, competitive advantages and market influence are often hard won, which is part of the appeal of working in collaboration with strategy innovation firms like McKinsey & Company, the Boston Consulting Group, and Syntegrity Group.


Instead of simply re-shaping a product or service, strategy innovation firms help to re-shapes the very procedures, practices and methodologies that make the delivery of these products or services possible in the first place.


Thinking Outside of the Box

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to strategy innovation lies in the execution.


Unfortunately, many companies continue to think of innovation in quite narrow terms. After all, the aim is about more than just being effective and performing well in a given market; the ultimate goals are differentiation and growth.


This kind of thinking is not only detrimental to achieving success down the road, but it prevents companies from accepting the kind of holistic changes championed by strategy innovation firms and required of truly ground breaking progress.

Thinking outside of the box begins with questioning the very parameters of the box itself: What goals should you strive for? How do you define success? How does the organizational culture favour or detract from achieving specific results? What role does collaboration play? How important is risk taking?

Lasting innovation is tangible—concrete—innovation, after all, and that is where strategy innovation firms come in.


Strategy Innovation Firms and Tangible Innovation


Firms like Idea Couture, McKinsey & Company and Syntegrity Group are poised to usher in the kinds of changes and provide the necessary tools for prompting measurable growth.


By helping to identify possible avenues for innovation, mobilizing the right talent, challenging hierarchical organizational cultures, introducing new methodologies, and inspiring the cross-pollination of ideas, strategy innovation firms defy conventional approaches to advancement in any number of fields.

Strategy innovation firms are, simply put, becoming increasingly indispensable when it comes to developing as well as implementing programs designed to add value to businesses.


In a fashion that Peter Drucker would likely appreciate, strategy innovation firms challenge the status quo, old habits, and inadequate visions for the future. They propose new ways of thinking about problems, which when you consider it, are just opportunities that haven’t yet been exposed to innovative ways of thinking.